Hello, and welcome to all the avid fisherfolk.

Ian and I (Gilly) Bought this land to retire.
Did Not Happen!
First Ian was bugged to start again doing mechanics
Then I was asked to open my shop
Finally we had folk asking us to open the lake for fishing!

Oh it was hard work, the Land was in a bad state and it took us over a week to try and see just what we had,
2 huge mowers!

We did get the workshop done and I worked on the shop.
Then we had to look at re-landscaping the lake.

Some amazing locals offered to help us and we were thankful.
They came and helped us clear the rubbish and a great tidy up.
Then we had to figure out the best way to run the fishing…
Fisheries were fantastic at helping and advising us.
By the time we were ready we had to figure out the rules
and what we had in there! 

We had amazing help from all our newly found clients.
Every step along the way to help us get going we are so
Happy from all the fisherfolk.
If you like peace and relaxing, you are welcome.
We then decided to make the mobile home a place to stay
for holidays and although an old unit, we have happy folk
who come sometimes several times a year!

Now looks like we have a new family and we love them to pieces.
Take care and enjoy!

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