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  1. Hi,

    Planning to come to your lovely looking lake on Friday, do you sell bait at all? Also, strange question, do you have mobile reception in the area, my wife is 37 weeks pregnant and I want to fit a last session in (for a long while!) but need to contactable just in case!


    1. Hi Jamie.
      I am out of maggots at the mo, but I have plenty of groundbait, flavoured sweetcorn, flavoured luncheon meat.
      The favourite here seems to be bread, luncheon meat and sweetcorn.

      Our signal is very iffy here, because of the air force base, but please give your lady our phone no.
      Just in case. we are all here 24/7 and very close. 01842 829796 she will get a computer voice first.
      but just tell her to hold on and it will get to me.
      looking forward to seeing you.
      PS no Boilies please. thanks

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