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We took over the farm 10 years ago, and it was in a very poor state.

We re-landscaped the lake and surrounding area and are quite proud of it now.

The lake is a small man-made lake set in around one acre, it dips from shallow to around the 6′ mark.

There are 18 pegs and it fishes really well, we have not restocked it, we have had no need to.  The fish seem to do quite well on their own!

Whitebridge Fishing, most breeds of Carp

rudd, tench, roach, bream, gudgeon, several koi and goldfish (the kids love these)

There are water lillies and water plants around the edge to help with oxygenation.

We are a small family run business and we are always on site.  So please ask any of us for any kind of queries.

I would like to point out we have quite a few water voles here.
so please be careful of little holes around the lake.

We are awaiting the environment agency and Natural England to re-locate some of these
little creatures.

Please keep your bait covered and do not throw unused bait in the lake. Thanks for



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  1. Hello,
    Could you tell me what the size guide is for the fish in your lake please? I not interested in catching monsters (not that I can!), I just want to tackle up accordingly. I’m hoping to visit on Tuesday if you are open and the lake is free for day ticket fishermen?

    Many thanks, Mark

    1. Hello Mark.
      The biggest I have seen is 20lb 10oz
      at the moment the average is from tiddler up to 8lbs.
      we are getting consistent 1 -8. average around 3ish.
      The water is just beginning to warm up , so if it keeps up, then
      the bigger ones will come up higher. Lots of Crucian and common
      at the moment.
      we open around 6.15am, so you can come anytime after that.
      Just set up and we will find you. (no parking lake side please)
      The car park is almost in front of you when you come in. take care. Gilly

  2. Is your fishery mainly for the carp fisher, or do you cater for Fly fishers like myself, if not do you know of a fly fishery local to Feltwell as I will be moving to the village soon.

    1. Hello Tony.

      We are a mixed coarse fishery, so mostly pole and rod. We do have some
      folk who like to fly fish, but we are not really big enough. They seem not to mind
      though LOL
      There is a trout lake about a mile away from us, nearer to the village,
      It is quite big. I don’t know what they charge though, sorry.
      it is called Blackdyke fishery. I hope this helps you.
      Give us a visit when you move and say hello.


  3. hi.firstly like the look of admin very nice lol.looked at your fishing web page,i am a baliff and a top specimen anglia holding 5 club records would like to view your lake sometime would like to know your day ticket prizes.thank you

  4. Hi do you ever have any caravans for sale on your site we are looking for one that has fishing on we are in our 60,s and would love to own a caravan that has fishing if you dont sell would you no of any like yours
    Best Regards
    Margaret Smith

    1. Hi Margaret.
      I am so sorry all we have is one for hire during the summer.
      We do not sell them either. Nice idea though. But There is none
      around our area that does this. I am so sorry, You could look on the Norfolk
      or Suffolk tourist sites and use search fishing holidays. Appreciate your visit.
      please call again. have a great week. Gilly

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