Where We Are

Whitebridge Farm & Fishery

Where We Are

Whitebridge Farm & Fishery is located just west of Feltwell, Norfolk on the Southery Road.

If you have satellite navigation then you may use the address below to find us.

Whitebridge Farm
Southery Road
IP26 4EJ


10 Replies to “Where We Are”

  1. Thank you so much for your reply. Thank you for your consideration, we would have loved a week-end with you. Dylan/Chiko are adorable, you would have loved them, and they you. Thank you very much anyway, and we shall keep dreaming of your lovely hideaway.

    Regards Brian/Jacquie.

  2. Greetings, We are a couple who have been looking over your site, and would love to spend a few days fishing. I have to say very well done, it looks both inviting and very relaxing. We have two small very well behaved Lhasa Apso dogs who do not shed hair(thats why we chose them) and are very clean mannered. My obvious question now is, do you allow pets?

    Regards Brian/Jacquie.

    1. Hi Brian/Jacquie.
      I took a couple of days to think this through.
      We are animal lovers ourselves. But we only allow working dogs
      on site. We get many complaints from anglers.
      I am so sorry. I hate to say no. But I am afraid I have to.
      My sincere apologies.

    1. Hi David
      We sell groundbait, soft pellets, luncheon meat (flavoured) and flavoured sweetcorn
      Maggots and feeder pellets. We do sell boilies, but you are not allowed to use boilies here.

  3. Do you operate a closed season? if not could we come and fish in the
    evening sometime next week while we are on holiday. Thank you.
    Jane Mathews.

    1. Hi Phil.
      We generally open the gates around 6.15am and close at dusk.
      Just go to the car park, go choose your peg and start.
      and one of us will come around to you.
      We only close in extreme weather ie ice etc.
      Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New years Day
      Looking forward to seeing you. Gilly

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